Clifford Chance Contract Drafting Lecture

Contract Drafting Workshop The British Law Centre is proud to announce that 2 senior lawyers from Clifford Chance (Nick Fletcher and Rafał Zakrzewski) will lead a workshop in contract drafting. You are invited to attend, after completing the application form here....

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Małgorzata Mroczkowska-Horne: Practical Competition Law

The British Law Centre is proud to announce that Małgorzata Mroczkowska-Horne, PWC’s head of the competition and consumer protection dept. (and graduate of the British Law Centre) will be giving an open lecture entitled: Practical Competition Law Location/time: Lipowa...

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Substantive Law

Study the most important areas of English law, with particular focus on commercially relevant issues. Familiarise yourself with the most common choice of governing law in international contracts.

Legal Skills

We help you develop a wide-ranging skills portfolio and monitor your progress on an ongoing basis. The skills and experience you acquire will help you stay ahead of the pack in the race for employment.


Learning English law and developing your skills portfolio is about making you more employable. Our entire focus is on helping you achieve your dream career, wherever and whatever it may be.