CLMR Conference

ON TOUR 2018 Conference | The Prospects for Social Europe The Conference Since 2015, the Common Market Law Review (CMLR) has been co-hosting and organizing an annual conference, under the title CML Rev on Tour, to encourage academic discussions on EU law topics...

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Wardynski and Partners Arbitration Lecture

The British Law Centre is proud to welcome the litigation team from Wardyński and Partners law firm to conduct an arbitration workshop at UW WPiA. The workshop is designed to prepare a group of selected participants for a weekend-long training in...

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Lecture by professor Lionel Bently

Lecture by Professor Lionel Bently at the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan On 26 March 2018, Professor Lionel Bently gave a guest lecture at the Law Faculty of the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan, titled: ‘Claims, Notice and Property Definition in the Law of Trade...

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Substantive Law

Study the most important areas of English law, with particular focus on commercially relevant issues. Familiarise yourself with the most common choice of governing law in international contracts.

Legal Skills

We help you develop a wide-ranging skills portfolio and monitor your progress on an ongoing basis. The skills and experience you acquire will help you stay ahead of the pack in the race for employment.


Learning English law and developing your skills portfolio is about making you more employable. Our entire focus is on helping you achieve your dream career, wherever and whatever it may be.